How It Works

with G and E Studios

We start with the end in mind.  Where do you want to display your portraits? Over the mantle? The entryway of your home? Or maybe you want to sit on the sofa with the kiddos and enjoy looking back over their growing years.

G and E Studios believes YOUR family is YOUR artwork and needs to be displayed in your home.  It does not need to be hidden in a drawer or computer. Show them off!

The GES Experience

Most of us are visual people, so the GES team has put together two videos. Watch how being a part of the GES family gives you a complete experience.  You will find the first video on our HOME page and the second video here on this page.

Consultation Image How It Works

 In-Person Consultation

Getting to know you and your family is instrumental to making your session a success.  We learn a little about the personalities and learn ways to draw out the WHO your family is at heart. No hiding behind the “camera smile.”  Our goal is to bring out the authenticity of what makes your family.

Knowing where you want to display and share your family’s legacy is the end in mind.  During your in-person consultation, we are going to answer all of your questions. What wardrobe colors compliment you and your space. What style clothing you and your family are most comfortable wearing.  Will we be shooting for Wall Art for your home or an album?  We will discuss these things before bringing your family to the studio or even picking up the camera.

PhotoShoot Day

All the planning, completed. Finally, the hard work is about to pay off.  Now, let’s have some fun!  Even if you had to drag Dad to the studio or the baby did not nap on time, you made it.  No worries!  The GES team is up to speed on kid (and dad) shenanigans.  If you get them dressed and to the studio, we will handle the rest.

Behind the Scenes of G and E Studios Portrait Session
Reveal and Ordering Session

Reveal and Ordering Appointment

Now it is time to see all the work and how it paid off.  Our state-of-the-art software will show you how great your family looks in print on your walls.  You will see it in different sizes, and we will size it correctly for your home. Examples are laid out based on our previous discussions of where you want to display your family’s legacy.

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