Why hire a Professional Photographer? (Part One - Portrait Photography)

Recently we attended a presentation that asked us what our “why” is. Interesting question, if you really think about it. She told us that all people have a specific reason of why they buy - for some it may be money, others it may be time, relationships, health or peace of mind. This made us consider which of these “why’s” do we connect with - and then, we realized we connected with them all. How, you ask - well, you ask great questions!

  1. Money - We’ve all heard the saying, time is money. Well, money is the time saved by our clients. We save you time as we strive to be as prepared as possible. As part of our preparation process, we prioritize excellent preparation and guidance before and during each session. We believe that achieving excellent results depends on a prepared and coordinated session.

  2. Time - We save you time as we prepare the session and put your images together. Also, as a part of your artwork delivery we offer complimentary installation - we will see you through to the end!

  3. Relationships - We become your Professional Family from Day One. Once we have our initial consultation, we do ALL of the work from there. We position your children and pose others in the family, those worries aren’t left up to anyone else!

  4. Health - We take the stress of pictures out of the equation as we strive to create a relaxed and comfortable, yet fun environment.

  5. Peace of Mind - We deliver an authentic collection of images that represents you and your family. Preserving your memories is a responsibility and a privilege that we do not take lightly, this gives you peace of mind about capturing your memories.


Lastly, (yes, we know we only listed 5 above, but we thought about our most important “why” now that we are concluding) emotions is our primary “buy trigger” - or so we would guess. Have you ever seen that one image that made it hard to swallow, your eyes water or your heart want to jump out of your chest? If not, that’s a story for another day because that what’s supposed to happen! There is NO REASON for you to not have butterflies at your Reveal Session. NONE. NOT ONE! Our Reveal Sessions are supposed to give you “all the feels” because pictures really do say a thousand words. Pictures really do tell the silent story. All of the cliche sayings that you may have read ARE TRUE, or they should be. If you haven’t had the warm fuzzies, we need to talk and have a serious conversation. If you’re ready to chat, so are we.

Until next time…

PS. Part Two will cover the “why” of Corporate Photography!