Portrait Session | Model Call Reveal

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As you know we held our Model Call back in April - we didn’t select just one family, but we chose TWO! We leaked out one of our favorites from each session on Facebook to find out which one you wanted to read about first and now we are here.

Our second family session was an incredible session and the best part was we were able to grow our professional family!

As excited as we are to tell you about the session, we know you’re most excited to see the authentic collection of images. So, let’s dive right in…

This session took place in two locations, in-studio and on-site (that’s what we will call it for now).

Our in-studio session was SO much fun, we truly feel like everyone was able to relax and unwind. This family was able to fully take advantage of lifestyle photography the moment we pressed play. Play? Yes, play - we turned on “Shake it Off” by Taylor Swift.

Why this song you ask? Great question, glad you asked! “Shake it Off” is a family favorite - it made them feel 100% in their element and was able to bring out their true personalities.

What’s the purpose of having keepsakes if your personality doesn’t shine through, right?

This really opened up the session for the posed portraits as well, it provided them time to loosen up (we all know the feeling a little too well of what it’s like to be in front of the camera, so we strive to make everyone relaxed and comfortable).

However, you’re never quite as comfortable in any environment unless it’s your own, so, off we went. Our second location just so happened to be on their property! WOAH - bet you didn’t see that plot twist.

We had the honor of being a part of a milestone! We were able to document a very special place, and that place was home. Our professional family just bought this great piece of property with SO much character!

Posed Family.png

It allowed for us to capture the family in their new element, their safe haven. We were able to use the their landscape as our background and we couldn’t have asked for better real estate.

The original image that we posted sparked quite the interest - 63 likes, 3 shares and 31 comments! This image (the image below) is not only a powerful image, but it has a story behind it. When they look back at it, they can tell the story of how they found the property, they can use the images as a time keeper of how little the kids were when they bought it, how there was SO much character EVERYWHERE and so on and so forth.

Our images are meant to tell a silent story, but that silent story can be different depending on who the narrator is.

Our story would be that we were able to capture one of the most precious families we’ve been able to work with in a natural setting. We were able to explore with them. We were able to photograph people that aren’t used to being photographed (that’s what happens when you’re a photographer).

That’s truly one of the best things about prints and products - they are in your hand or on your wall and each time you hold them or pass them you think back to that ONE. MOMENT. IN. TIME. You get to experience it all over again - the session, the giggles, the amazing weather, the dancing and the kids being little for just that much longer.

Wait, kids are only little for so long? YES! Whether you’re a parent, grandparent, aunt, uncle, cousin - you’ve seen it happen. You’ve experienced how quickly kids grow up. You’ve experienced how quickly things change.

Don’t blink because there’s no stopping change. However, there is time to document it. Let us help you hold onto these moments in time, don’t let them pass you by. We don’t just take pictures, we provide you with tangible products to be viewed daily - these are treasured keepsakes that can be passed on for generations.

I think you’ve heard us. I think you know that as much as we will try, it’ll never be stressed hard enough that “time moves in one direction, memories in another.”

We were able to help this amazing family document a special milestone and were able to provide them treasured keepsakes.


So, how can we serve you? What do you have upcoming that needs to be documented? When’s the last time you had updated Portraits - think about it, but don’t let too much time continue to pass by.

Thank you for experiencing one of the sessions from our Model Call with us! We will post the other session soon so please continue to follow along our Blog journey with us. Signing off for now…