Change - it doesn't have to be a bad thing!


We last left off writing about what a New Year looked like to you and since we signed off we’ve been working on defining our 2019! If you follow us on Social Media than you know we’ve launched several new components to our Business.

Entering 2019 we knew we were going into a year that would hold a lot of change. This change started off with our new website (if you’re reading this, then we know you’ve already been exploring ). Our new website required us to ensure that we “practice what we preach” and that resulted in our updated Head Shots! Eeekk!

Let’s pause here for a moment just in case you don’t know what we mean by, practice what we preach. Gary and I are HUGE advocates for having updated Head Shots. Not only do we believe that they should be updated, but that they should be professionally done. Consider updating your Head Shot for these reasons:

  • Your picture is often the first impression potential employers or clients receive about you. It is important to present a friendly, yet professional, image because although we shouldn’t judge a book by it’s cover - that’s typically the case.

  • Photographers are trained to take photographs that reflect your personality and a professionally made image will bring out the best in you. A Professional Head Shot speaks volumes over a selfie.

  • People are likely to study your face before your resume or credentials. Your Head Shot can say so much - a picture truly is worth a thousand words.

  • Your photograph will be used on your social media accounts, therefore making it available across the web. Again, studies have shown that before a client or employer review your qualifications, they’ve made a split-second decision about you - based on an image.

  • Lastly, we don’t stay the same year after year. Your appearance changes. Your energy changes. You have evolved. Your professional presence should stay active, be sure to update your Head Shot every 2 years.

Aside from our newness above, we’ve also started #FridayFacts on Facebook @GandEStudios where we’ve been posting our favorite Photography quotes. These posts have a dual purpose as they’re reminders to us as to why Photography is SO important, but to also let our Followers know that we are more than just a couple with a camera.

We also promoted our first Model Call for the year! Rest assured that if you weren’t seeking updated Family Portraits or didn’t match the criteria, there will be more upcoming. Please make sure to subscribe to our Newsletters to stay “in the know” of additional Model Calls or other opportunities to collaborate with us on Creative Sessions!

I think we’ve recapped enough for now. Be on the lookout for our upcoming Blogs, we promise to not keep you waiting! Thank you for following along on our Blog journey - signing off for now.