Senior Year Is Here!

It seems so unreal that there are mere days until the 2018-2019 school year begins! We know how many things go into a Senior Year and how important it is to capture these days as they fly by.

Senior Year is a milestone in itself, it's an exciting time for the student and a proud moment for the parents. We reflect back on our Senior Year and focus on the memories because neither of us (Gary and Elaine) have Senior Portraits to reminisce through. We regret not having these to look back through and are passionate about making sure that others have these.

As the school year approaches, Seniors are finishing college applications, finalizing their school selections, considering their career, thinking about their futures - they are starting to make "adult" decisions. There is so much seriousness, yet, so much excitement that happens in this last year and we want to be a part of it!


Lately, we have had our focus on schools - we've been gauging the sports teams and targeting the youth. We want to help them create their forever memories by capturing them. We've sought out different locations that we firmly believe will make their pictures just that much more special. Our research is complete. We have started working with our Senior Reps. We've built our Senior Portfolio and we are ready to provide an amazing Senior Experience.

Throughout the blog, you've seen different sessions, from outside shoots, in-studio and green screen effects. We have much to offer in our Senior Experience. So whether you have a rising Senior, teach Seniors or know a Senior - send them our way because we want them to be able to remember this exciting time in their life. And we can give them something to look back on.