Giving Back


One of the things that you have to take into consideration when owning your own business is how can you still make YOUR business reflect YOU as an individual or individuals. "Giving" is extremely important to both Gary and I and we wanted this to reflect in our business practices. Earlier in the month we sponsored the Paulding Education Foundation's (PEF) Casino Royale, this is a partnership that has been an equal giveback. We can honestly say that we've received just as much, if not more, from the PEF as we've given them. Participating in a worthy non-profit is very rewarding.


(Posing and having fun at the PEF's Casino Royale Photo Booth)

The PEF is only one of our community give-back initiatives, we work in many communities and try to support as many organizations that a business our size can. However, in doing so, we don't do it for the "claim to fame" or to have the focus put on us, we believe that it should be a humbling experience. Through community sponsorship and give-backs we've been able to learn more about the needs of the communities that we serve and it's provided us with a better perspective of who we are serving.

G&E Studios' gratification comes from the new relationships we continue to build. The relationships that we have built serving others have been extremely important to our brand awareness. We are a for-profit business, however, we strongly desire to help others.

Is this something that your business is struggling with? Did you know that as a business in the community, employee volunteering or business contribution is the foundation of responsible business strategy.


Businesses should instill a culture of giving back - giving back not only drives change in the community, but also within the business. here are three reasons why companies should leverage their own financial success to help those around them:

1. Boost Employee Morale

Participating in philanthropic initiatives helps employees feel good about themselves and proud about where they work, which in turn builds loyalty among them. When employees don't fee connected to their job, they invest less of themselves in their work and the quality of employees' work is critical to a company's success.

2. Build a Strong Relationship within the Community

When businesses help others within their communities, the community also reciprocates and offers support - it becomes a mutually beneficial relationship. Additionally, when participating in community-based events, there is the opportunity to meet members of prominent local organizations and potential new customers. Your brand with build a reputation for giving back and caring about the community is a sure way to build a strong support network of people who will speak positively on your behalf and help your company stand out amongst the competition.

3. Consumers prefer Socially Responsible Companies

Helping others in need should be reason enough for companies to take on various philanthropic efforts, but if that's not motivation enough, then hopefully a positive return on investment will be.

What steps will you take to make sure that you or your business is giving back to the community - make your community a place where you are proud to be!