2019 Is Here!


Happy New Year! It's 2019 and for us, it's a New Year | New Us!

New Year. Those two words alone can mean so much - it can mean a new chapter, a new verse or just the same old story. Ultimately we write it, the choice is ours. With the New Year, we are introducing a new logo. However, this time it's different. This time we aren't just changing the look, but we are changing our brand identity. We are redefining the boutique approach to photography to better meet your needs.

In January we were a part of many "News". What does your "New" look like? Is it needing a new HeadShot? Is it ending your term on a Board and "passing the gavel"? Is it continuing education? We were a part of all of these "New" moments in January and it was our pleasure to experience these "News" by their sides.

Whatever your "New" looks like, don't hold back. Don't let the fear of change hold you back. Not all of us make New Year's Resolutions, not all of us want to change just because it's the beginning of a Year, but don't let the fear of tomorrow stop you from your "New".


If you need a new HeadShot. If you need new Family Portraits. If you need to capture a new milestone - maybe Newborn Portraits, we are here for YOU! Our number one goal will always be to become a part of your professional family – where your vision is our mission.

Signing off for now, we will write again soon!