Traveling June


Did our concluding question in our May recap leave you curious? Well, you'll find your answer in today's Blog!

June was another exciting month! It provided a fair amount of travel, but one job took us all the way to Denver. Yes, you read that right, Denver, Colorado! We went to Denver to photograph a swim team. What? All of that travel to do a swim shoot?!


Yes, here goes the back story.

Our granddaughter, Nova, had a recital coming up and she wanted Nana and Papa to be there. Of course we wanted to be there, but Colorado isn't really a hop and a skip away. We had told our daughter-in-law, Sara that we'd be there if we had a job (all of course, jokingly). Time passed by and we received a call and it was Sara - Sara said, "Well, you said you'd come down if you had a job. And we've got one for you!" It just so happened that our grandson, Landon's swim team needed a photographer. So, there it was, we booked our flight and were going to head to Denver. It was absolute PERFECT timing because we also were able to see Nova perform!


Of course, we weren't in Denver the entire month. We had other obligations back in Georgia.

June proved to be a month full of headshots. One of the neatest sessions we had was for MUST Ministries. We were able to do the headshots and photograph their dancers that were performing in their July Event, "MUST Dance". This was a really special opportunity because we were able to see OUR photos in LIFE SIZE form! How neat is that?!

Oh geez, we just led into July and that recap will have to come at a later date. So we will sign off here. Thanks for reading and following along on this Blog journey of ours.