Newborn Time


It's been a couple of months since our last Newborn session, but before that, it had been a little longer. It's a given that each session that we photograph is different, but newborns definitely raise the bar when it comes to unique sessions. 

The thing about newborns is they are so unpredictable, but you know what? It works! It really works for them. Newborns can't smile on command (so, no fake smiles) and they won't give you what you want because they don't know any better - yet, you can never really have a bad newborn session.


When it comes to newborn sessions, just like all sessions, they are unique in their own way - this session especially. We swaddled and wooed Weslee to all ends, but she had a mind of her own & it worked! Looking at her pictures, your heart will just melt - you'll see a beautiful baby girl; that she is! 

Yet, after looking through her photos, did you ask yourself:

Hm, I wonder how this session went? I wonder how long a session like this takes? Or maybe you didn't ask any questions because you were wrapped in her cuteness.

But truth be told, you need at least 2-4 hours for a full newborn session. Two - Four hours, you ask? Yes, up to four hours!

First off, newborns are SQUISHY! And we aren't talking about chunky, cheek squeezing squishy - we mean mold them like Play-Doh squishy. So, squishing them into position is a task alone. 

Oh, and don't forget the boo-boo's, maybe better known as the whoopsies! We had a few of those moments during the session, but you know what? That's all a part of the experience. And trust us, nothing to be embarrassed by.


We want the sessions to be memorable. We want the sessions to be real - that's all a part of the memories. That’s all a part of our end goal - yes, YOUR vision is OUR mission, but we also want to be a part of your professional family. And what better time to grow together than to start out when they’re NEWborns?