October Catch-Up

We love the feeling of being back on track, especially in this newfound Blogging experience. What do you think so far? How are we doing? Y'all have been awful quiet in the comments on here, so we will keep at it like we've been doing until we hear otherwise.

So, here we go - can you believe that we are literally weeks away from 2019? It's just absolutely crazy how quickly this year has gone by. Thinking back to October and how EVENTful it was, is a load in itself. October proved to be an exciting month as Elaine started Leadership Paulding (LP)! LP's purpose is to provide emerging leaders with a greater awareness and participation in community issues, needs, services and resources. Monthly meetings cover various aspects of Paulding County from education to economic development and so far it has been an eye-opening experience. (Shameless plug - We ARE the BEST class EVER!)

Aside from LP, we did hit the ground running in October and kept on going. We had an amazing Portrait Session! Last year we had the honor of photographing them as well (in a SUPER exciting location - it was definitely a first for us). See this picture from 2017? Well, here is 2018!


The Rays are such a fun family to work with + they are so photogenic! It was important to us to get feedback on our new processes (you know the thing we wrote about a few months ago), so the Rays were able to compare last year to this year and to give us their feedback. We don't want to speak for them, but we think they could definitely tell a difference. From something as small as just the revealing of the images to seeing how prints look on products.


Later that week we sponsored a very large event at Six Flags, October Haunt! October Haunt is such a great event that is supported by over 25 local business organizations. So, we had a lot of planning and site visits for that event. It's one of our favorite events of the year because we get to see old faces and meet new ones, but we also get to dress up in costume!

And then throughout the month we had several events booked - they were for Paulding Board of Realtors, Tactical Martial Arts and Harvester Christian Academy, to name a few. Then we attended a few Luncheons and Networking Events, as always.

That about sums it up without getting too caught up into the weeds of things. We will sign off for now - thank you for continuing to follow along our Blog journey with us. We are very thankful for YOU!