Behind the Scenes at EPHS


It's the moment that you've been waiting for! Heck, it's the moment that we've been dying to share with you! This Blog is going to be solely about the East Paulding High School sessions - it really will be the in-depth version of what went on behind the scenes.

I don't think we will ever forget the conversation that we had in our "down-time" (remember that time we thought we were going to get caught up?). Ha, if that wasn't the cutest idea! We were over the moon excited about the opportunity to serve EPHS with their photography needs - our minds were literally going non-stop leading up to Picture Day and after.

It all started with making sure that we were providing them with the perfect proposal or at least the next best thing to perfection! So, we started building up a SEVEN page proposal - from an introduction to a playbook to poses and more. And then (not immediately of course) we were chosen! Eeekk!

That's when the questions were starting to build up - Do we have enough equipment? How many poses do we want to offer? What all products would appeal to them? Etc., etc....

Then the processes started - How can we customize the banner backgrounds? How can we make the cheerleader backgrounds different than the football ones? And so on and so forth...


And THEN, then we found a mentor - can you visualize all of the praise hands?!

Side note - if you don't have a personal and a professional mentor, stop what you're doing right now and start reflecting! What are your goals (personal or professional)? Who do you look up to? Why? Is this person attainable to connect with? If yes, connect with them. If no, look deeper and find someone that can be your "Big".

*Stepping off our Soap Box.*


So, yes, a mentor! They completely helped us with finishing touches, correcting our systems and perfecting our processes.

Before Picture Day we had a website up and running for Package pre-orders, Order Forms printed, Rosters checked off and so much more! We were officially Picture Day ready!

After everything was said and done, we couldn't of been happier with the end result! The final products, banners included - the prints, all of it! EPHS was AMAZING to work with and the Coaches and Parents were simply fabulous. The East Paulding Raiders have supported these local Professional Photographers for the past two years and we can't wait for the years to come!

Thank you EPHS and thank YOU for taking the time out to go through our Blog journey with us! Until next time...