Two Months of Recaps


I think one of the best things about blogging is that it offers the opportunity of transparency and vulnerability because that’s what people expect. Or maybe it’s what they want to read. Readers understand that behind all of the words there are people. Behind our business, there are people.

Readers don’t want to hear about perfection, they want to be able to connect and in doing so, you have to open up. But before we take the leap and open up completely – we want to call ourselves out. We are sure that you’ve already seen when our June Blog recap went live, yes, it was in September. But you know what? Life happens and that’s exactly what we were talking about in the previous paragraph. We are people. We aren’t perfect.

So, here’s the reality, in June and July we decided to push pause. We needed to reconfigure and make a game plan so we could go strong in August and finish out the year. Ha. Was that ever the cutest idea..

You’ve hopefully already read about our June and saw that it wasn’t empty. We knew two months without anything was practically impossible, but we had planned on just taking it one day at a time – more or less.


Then July happened – first off, let’s just talk about how HOT it was and that outside events were just that much more “fun” because of it.

We booked, East Paulding High School, their Varsity & Junior Varsity Football, Cheerleaders and Band. (We were going to save this for another Blog as a reveal, but we’ve already leaked it on Facebook and we plan on recapping August below.) We were SO ecstatic about this! Of course, it wasn’t until August 1, but there was definitely preplanning, ordering and organizing that happened throughout the entire month of July. Again, this will have a blog of its own.


So, back to July. Well, **cue drum roll** we were recognized by the Douglas County Chamber as a 2018 Small Business of Excellence ?! This made it across Social Media and in the paper ! It was definitely a honor to receive.

We had a few headshots scattered throughout the month, but THEN we had the opportunity of seeing our headshots LIFE-SIZE! That was such a neat experience (shameless plug, visit our Facebook to see a walk-through of our life size images)! This all took place at MUST Dance, a fundraiser for MUST Ministries. And then we had our regular networking events that we attend monthly.



Now, August has come and gone – we hit play on August 1st at 12:01 AM and have been going nonstop ever since. The August recap is below because we figured this may be the perfect way for us to get back on track (if we are still being honest)!

August was SUCH an exciting month! We had one of our largest sessions to date, but it proved a trying time. A time where we were able to learn new processes, a time where we were able to perfect our methods and a time where we were able to experiment with graphic design and our green screen. We would really hate to delve too deep into the EPHS adventure because we really do want to have a separate Blog specifically dedicated to it.

But of course, one project can’t be the only thing that we do. August had so much more in store. I think it had a recurring theme of sports, sports and oh wait, more sports. We say that because we setup at the Tactical Martial Arts Tournament and offered Portrait Packages, photographed the Paulding County Chamber’s Clay Shoot and Friday Night Football geared back up for us.If you followed us on Facebook last year, you were able to witness first hand us at almost ALL of EPHS’s football games as we were the official videographers. This year we are back at it, but have our interns to assist us.

We also put together a 360 ?! This part we can leave as a surprise because it hasn’t been leaked anywhere just yet. So for this, you’ll have to wait for the client or us to leak  and if neither of those happen before our September recap, then we will talk a little about it there.

And then lastly, we attended our regular networking events with the Douglas & Paulding Chambers, West Cobb Business Association and the Paulding Education Foundation, among a few others.

Phew, I think we may have went on for long enough. So, signing off for now – stay tuned to stay up to date with all things G and E.