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G and E Studios is a Southern-style boutique photography studio. We are located in Powder Springs, GA, (near Atlanta). G and E Studios co-owners, Gary and Elaine Jones create Cherished Forever Moments™. These are elegant, professionally printed maternity, newborn, baby, family, and child portraits.

About Family Photographer Gary Jones
About Family Photographer Gary Jones

Co-owner, CEO

The seeds of Gary’s professional photography career were planted at the age of seven. But it wasn’t until 2011 that his passion was rekindled. Recognizing Gary’s talent, a friend asked Gary to shoot her wedding portraits.

Today, Gary has 10+ years of professional photography experience under his belt. He has also been recognized as a Certified Professional Photographer by Professional Photographers of America.

Gary takes great pride in bringing joy to babies, children, parents, and grandparents.

About Renaissance Woman Elaine Jones
About Renaissance Woman Elaine Jones

Co-owner, COO, CFO

Gary may be the family photographer, but it is Renaissance woman Elaine Jones who keeps all the balls in the air. Elaine oversees G and E Studios bookings, sales, marketing, accounting, hospitality, technology, studio environment, appointments, art installations and more.

She draws from 30 years of business experience to delight clients. In 2020, Gary and Elaine decided to focus on portraiture for babies, children, and families.

In time, Gary and Elaine discovered that outdoor family photoshoots in the Atlanta area were unpredictable, often too hot or too cold. That’s when Gary and Elaine designed a climate and lighting-controlled studio. Gary got cracking. Elaine picked up a hammer and worked alongside him. Of course, she did.

About Gabby the Wonder Dog

About Gabby the Wonder Dog

Official Cuteness

Announcing your arrival is Gabby’s solemn duty at G and E Studios.

She’s always on the alert for FedEx deliveries and other special occasions in Powder Springs.

When not playing guard dog, Gary and Elaine’s third rescue can be found sleeping with her lamb or playing fetch with her daily ball choice—a new favorite each day.

G and E Studios Mission

Bring a spark of joy to babies, children, parents, grandparents and families with Cherished Forever Moments™, elegant printed portraits.

Our Values

Gary and Elaine are G & E Studios. Their values are the studio’s values.

  • Joy
  • Honesty
  • Integrity
  • Respect
  • Southern Hospitality
  • Trustworthiness

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